Whew! You made it through the interview and it might have actually gone well! Great, now what? Post-interviewing protocol is really fairly flexible. At the very least I like to see a thank you note come thru via email. I’ve also had interviewees go so far as to send fruit baskets. Obviously a fruit basket is not necessary, but it is fun and will certainly make you remembered. I’ve always felt an email thank you note does the trick. While snail mail is more sincere and requires more effort, the interviewer may have already decided on candidates to be moved forward before your thank you note is received. Other great post interview ideas include sending portfolios, putting together ideas to advance the company – showing what you’ll bring to the table, and even sending a 3-month/6-month/year plan over revealing what you plan to do for the organization and how you plan to do it.

10 Things To Do After The Job Interview” can give you some great ideas for your next steps!

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